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Lead Generation

Lead Generation
Increase your sales and revenue. Save your time and money. Enhance your sales team efficiency with Flores Marketing Group. It is our priority to allow your sales team to focus on what they can do at their best. Being a renowned and affordable lead generation company, we seamlessly integrate into your processes while ensuring that your teams become more effective and efficient. If you are looking for the warm and qualified sales leads for the pipeline, you are at the right place. Our lead generation solutions allow you to outsource the out bond sales efforts to our experts, hence freeing your teams to focus on the sales. Consult with our team of experts to meet your needs for the lead generation services.

We are backed by smart marketing technologies and proven processes trusted by thousands of business owners across the globe. Our people give you the power to scale your sales team and boost your sales effectively.

Here are the reasons you should capitalize on us for your lead generation:

  1. Less Financial Headache: Just think about it, what is the burden of hiring a new sales team or additional staff to your current team? And, what about the cost of a trainer for getting these salespeople up to speed? It is not about the personnel costs only, think of the budget that goes into the administrative and infrastructure costs. Outsourcing your sales requirements, means you do not have to shoulder extra costs anymore and be worried about the headache that comes along.
  2. Easy budget approval: Hiring additional sales people can be an approval nightmare. Instead, it is better to find an unused area of your existing budget for outsourcing the lead generation to us. This way your sales cycle starts to move faster without any approval concerns.
  3. Marketing feedback: When you work with FMG, your marketing team automatically receives scientific breakdown of the lead quality. We give you analytics breakdown on the success of your marketing tactics.
  4. Expert guidance: We give you expert guidance on setting up of sales technologies that can fit your business.

How we help the businesses to success:

  • We build the right database
  • Our experts reach the prospect customers through multiple channels
  • The leads are nurtured with marketing automation

We enable companies to gain a foothold in their priority markets. This is done by initiating conversations with decision makers by bringing to use intelligent and efficiently targeted touch points such as voice, social, web, email, web, sending SMS and postal mails.