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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation
In today’s competitive online market environment, marketers are constantly challenged to not only compete for business but also to engage their target audience throughout the buying cycle. Marketing professionals have to be innovating with using targeted and compelling communications across multiple touch points.

The marketing automation process and platforms are the key enablers for measurable pipeline data points and the impact they leave on Return on Investment (ROI). Let’s face it how often a customer comes back to you with a positive buying experience, is a key factor to a business’s success. For most businesses, the 1st year after new marketing automation platform is launched is the most exciting and intimidating. You have to extend the platform, incorporate new systems and then take the advantage of full functionality of the tool. At Flores Marketing Group (FMG), we help our clients to develop achievable customized roadmaps for demand generation that are customized as per the business’s needs and ensures you get the most out of the investment made in marketing automation.

As of today, the traditional email marketing platforms are becoming a thing of the past, so most modern marketing is switching towards a more robust and full-featured demand generating solutions. These assist in first identifying new leads and then also in helping in delivering the right message at the right time, which will lead to increased conversion rates. Finally, how do we track, measure and report the success of those conversions? This is the real power of Marketing Automation at FMG and will continually work in this area in order to get you all the data points so you can make informed business decisions.

Marketing Automation Project Roadmap:
With every new implementation of the Marketing Automation Process (MAP), Flores Marketing Group completes the following steps as its standard implementation roadmap:

  1. Discovery Phase:
    Business process review: We review your existing marketing operation for mapping the existing systems to your MAP instance.
    Gap analysis: We identify the gaps in your business processes and give remediation recommendations.
    Develop the MAP: Design the marketing campaign and automation process. It’s important to note that this is a living process that needs to always be reviewed and evaluated for its success. We want to focus on the things we know will work for you.
  2. System Design and Integration Phase:
    CRM integration: If the marketing automation platform is integrated properly, only then can you view, measure and report your customers DATA points.
    Monthly reporting development: We support this integration process in order to develop a reporting deck with the help of different marketing applications. You will always have the reports you need to measure the success of your Marketing Automation process.
  3. System Testing and Go-Live Phase:
    User Acceptance Testing (UAT): Once we have designed the Automation systems and process we then will go to work and test the system and reporting until we get your signoff you are comfortable with the system.
    Go Live Launch: Once the testing has been approved we will launch the automation and begin the process of starting your first online marketing campaign. At this point, we will work with your company in order to understand and manage the campaign.
    Ongoing Support: At this point, we will discuss our involvement with the ongoing monthly support and what that will mean for your Marketing Campaign.

We will partner with your business to fill in the marketing automation gaps or manage the entire processes for you. This also includes everything from scoring leads, sales alerts to content creation and distribution.
For more details, feel free to get in touch with FMG, you can email us your queries at or simply fill in the contact us form and one of the experts will get in touch with you.