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Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing
At FMG, we strongly believe that an integrated media approach is very effective. Today, digital or interactive media is the hottest trend, but let us not lose the sight of the bigger picture. Do you think customers are only spending time online? The answer is of course not. It is true that digital media provides measurable and real-time results that offer valuable insights which were unattainable historically, but traditional media on the other hand builds loyalty and pitches sales. At FMG, we evaluate the media channels on number of factors and recommend tactics for reaching your target audience both online and offline and to bring awareness and drive sales among them.

Do you think is Traditional Media is Dead?
Traditional media implies TV, radio, print and OOH (Out of Home). People think that traditional media is no longer relevant in today’s digital world, but this is far from the truth. Customers do rely on the digital platforms to get details on the things they want to buy and it is hard to find someone who would argue on this point. But, let’s discuss on the advantages and unique opportunities of offline mediums. They are growing in the same way as digital marketing channels are. They are diverse, and provide creative and new ways of targeting the audiences, while they are watching TV, Cinema, listening to radio or reading. Traditional marketing has something very real and refreshing related to it, it connects with the audience on an emotional level, helps in building your brand awareness and drive maximum traffic to your business. And, this impact can be immensely powerful. Flores Marketing Group (FMG) seamlessly translates a client’s brand from the digitized world into the real world through the means of advertising, direct mails and other promotional measures.

We provide media planning, creative development, placement and management for the broadcast, print and outdoor media. We also offer a wide range of design services including, brochures and custom magazines. Our people understand all aspects of print media and excel in giving your brand a life in the tangible form. We develop custom strategies for each one of our clients, based directly on their unique business objectives, customers and business offerings. Social conversations certainly have their advantages, but nothing can be compared to the face-to-face experiences, hence the real connections made through the traditional form of marketing are really helpful.

Moreover, if you have a marketing budget but are aware of your customers, traditional methods such as TV, radio, billboards, trade shows and newspapers would strengthen your efforts. Traditional media works best when businesses understand their customers and market strategies well and they are realistic about the marketing spend.

Previous accomplishments remind us of the successful work but what holds more importance for us is that what comes next. For more details about our traditional marketing services, feel free to get in touch.